30 Maggio 2024
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Testing service statement

- The samples delivered to BQT for quality control tests, have to be sent with a request that will indicate :
- client data (name, address, etc.);
- sample identification number;
- fibre composition;
- tests to be done;
- when possible method to utilize for testing;
- when possible final use of the fabric;
- any particular request (e.g. translation service, way of report delivery, etc.)
The Client can also use our "Request Form".
- For all samples Client should indicate "face" of the fabric and warp direction.
- Client should send to BQT an opportune quantity of fabric depending by the number and kind of test requested and should be representative of the lot . Sampling is carried out by the Client under his responsibility.
- The fabrics not used for testing will be kept fo 40 days (except for different Client's request).
- Test results are referred only to tested samples.
- The official document of data transmission is the original "Test report".
- Test reports will be kept for 10 years.

To sign up for tests and book analisys please use the document: Download modulo richiesta prove

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